We are an independent UK lash brand that supplies a whole range of lashes for any occasion and any eye shape. All our lashes are handmade to perfection every time.


All our lash collections are reusable up to 20-25 times depending on how much they are cared for! 
Our current collections are 3D Mink, Faux Mink and Clear Band Faux Mink Lashes. All our lashes are super duper easy to apply, with a thin lash bands so that even first time lash users will be able to get them looking perfect without ruining any of their makeup! If you do struggle to apply lashes, every lash order comes with a "HOW TO APPLY" guide to help you out!
Our 3D mink lashes have been hugely popular do to their amazingly high quality and their ability to add wispy dimension to any makeup look!
Because of how popular our first collection has been, we recently decided to release a new Faux Mink lash collection for those who aren't fond of mink lashes. This is mainly because they are vegan and cruelty free! 


Sadly our lashes do not currently come with glue, however we are looking in to this and hopefully it will be released soon.