Lucky Dip Lashes £2!!!

Lucky Dip Lashes £2!!!

  • £2.00
  • Save £6.99

We pride ourselves on quality over cost at Lashes By Lucy, which means that any lashes that have a few hairs out of place are not put up for purchase at the usual full retail price. We also have a large buildup of discontinued styles as we are constantly trying to improve our products. 

Rather than just throwing away these discarded lashes we thought we would do a lucky dip to sell these lashes for only £2!! 

They are all perfectly wearable and gorgeous lashes they just may not be consistent with the others of the same style.

This is the perfect way to get luxury lashes at a super affordable price. 

Help us to reduce waste! Your lashes may be sent in our old style packaging to use them up and save them from landfill!